While our economic, geographic or social circumstances may differ, we all aspire to lead the best lives possible.

From expanding health coverage to creating healthy communities, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is committed to helping everyone in America have an equal opportunity to pursue a healthier life.

We are working to help achieve health equity and expand opportunity to pursue the best health possible, through investments in four broad areas:

As a nation, our efforts to improve health have centered largely on health care. Working with hospitals, health departments, insurers and community groups, we are helping bring together numerous key health systems around a shared goal of better health for all.

While each community is different, the healthiest ones all share certain elements. Across the nation, we support initiatives which are helping to change local conditions that allow communities and their residents to reach their greatest health potential.

We support research that is helping to expand our understanding of what shapes health, and programs to help enable all children to attain their optimal physical, social and emotional well-being, including growing up at a healthy weight.

Addressing our nation's health challenges and creating healthier communities requires strong leadership and collaboration across multiple sectors and fields. We are helping to develop and connect a diverse array of leaders with a common desire to work together to build a national Culture of Health.