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Impact Investments

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation uses grantmaking, policy change, and impact investing to address barriers to health and wellbeing.

To see that everyone in the U.S. has the opportunity to live their healthiest life possible, capital must flow equitably to communities that have faced a lack of investment through the impact of generations of racist policies and structural racism. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) is a leading national philanthropy dedicated to taking bold leaps to transform health in our lifetime. We make impact investments—deposits, loans, equity investments, and guarantees—and partner with public and private sector investors to bring more capital to these communities.

We envision flourishing communities where everyone has access to clean, safe drinking water and safe, stable housing; where jobs pay a living wage; and where everyone has a fair and just opportunity to thrive. Since 2010, RWJF has dedicated $625 million to impact investments to help advance this vision, aiming to address the structural barriers that have shaped the health inequities we see today. These include the historical and present lack of investment in housing, jobs, water, infrastructure, and other community conditions.  

We work to improve health and economic opportunity for communities, small business owners, and households that historically have experienced a lack of investment—such as rural communities, communities of color, and communities with low incomes. Our goal is to attract or “leverage” $1 billion from other investors, including banks, commercial lenders, insurance companies, and private investors by 2025 to help advance progress toward a U.S. where everyone—no matter who they are, where they live, or how much money they make—has the resources they need to live their healthiest lives possible. At the end of 2023, we were halfway to that goal.

Our Strategies

Our impact investments focus on three areas:

Advancing Racial Equity: 

Reducing the racial wealth gap by increasing and preserving Black and Brown homeownership as a lever to strengthen financial wellbeing and fostering intergenerational wealth transfer. 


Strengthening the Community Development Finance System:

Strengthening the community development finance system with a focus on communities that historically have experienced a lack of investment, especially communities with low incomes and communities of color.

Program-Directed Investments:

Complementing grantmaking portfolios across the Foundation with program-linked investments, such as to improve a community’s water infrastructure.

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