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We are dedicated to building a Culture of Health that provides everyone in America a fair and just opportunity for health and wellbeing. We take our responsibilities seriously, and we pledge to work in ways that reflect our values. 

  1. We seek bold and lasting change rooted in the best available evidence, analysis, and science, openly debated.
  2. We treat everyone with fairness and respect.
  3. We act as good stewards of private resources, using them to advance the public’s interest with a focus on helping the most vulnerable.
  4. We cultivate diversity, inclusion, and collaboration.
  5. We speak out as leaders to promote health and wellbeing.
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Principles in Practice

We create grants and grant programs that inspire bold ideas, encourage creative solutions, and demonstrate transformative potential. We also work to identify new approaches that would bring about meaningful change, and to broaden the discussion about health equity. Perhaps most importantly, we view evaluation and learning as the cornerstone of our approach to philanthropy. We believe deeply in the value of sharing key insights from our grantmaking—what worked, what didn’t, and why.

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Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is committed to building a Culture of Health that provides everyone in America a fair and just opportunity for health and wellbeing. Achieving this goal requires focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion. Our Guiding Principles and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Commitment speak to our dedication to these important areas.

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Our Code of Conduct

To achieve our vision of a Culture of Health, we hold ourselves accountable to working in a respectful, fair, and ethical way. We have the special privilege and responsibility to manage the distribution of private funds set aside for public purposes.

Our code of conduct is based on our Guiding Principles and assists us in our collective efforts to achieve our goals.

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Job Opportunities

Building a Culture of Health takes an unwavering commitment to achieving health equity. Join us at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and help make our vision a reality.