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To transform public health, we must reimagine our data systems

Data systems that only document racial health disparities without measuring the inequities and racism that fuels them contribute to the problem. This failure results in a society such as ours where health disparities are often perceived as biological or behavioral rather than structural. It's a system that stigmatizes. RWJF president and CEO Richard Besser explains that properly measuring and understanding racism, and investing in the public health infrastructure to collect, aggregate and analyze data, are essential steps toward ensuring every person in the United States has a fair and just opportunity to live a healthier life.   —Explore RWJF Data Commission's blueprint for change.

What it takes to end the epidemics of obesity and food insecurity

Avenel Joseph, RWJF vice president for Policy, and Megan Lott, deputy director of Healthy Eating Research, lay out a roadmap for ending obesity and food insecurity that starts with the principle of nutrition securityeverybody deserves access to affordable, healthy foodswhile also focusing on broader social and economic factors that determine whether families can provide nutritious foods consistently to their children. 

POLL: Majority of Adults Support Significant Changes to the Health System and Bipartisan Consensus Exists on Ideas to Lower Out-of-Pocket Costs

RWJF released survey results of adults across the nation that helps illuminate consumers’ experiences with healthcare costs, perceptions of who is to blame, appetite for change, and views on a range of potential policy reforms.  


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