RWJF areas of focus.
RWJF areas of focus.

Building a Culture of Health is a vision that requires strong pillars. These are the four broad areas of our work.

Each focus area centers on health equity.

Each Focus Area Centers on Health Equity

Achieving health equity for all is a bold vision that requires bold action. To keep us and our partners and collaborators heading in the right directions, we've organized our work into four focus areas, each grounded in health equity. This organizational approach sets our attention and our resources toward success.

Explore below to understand how each core area sets a path forward for a healthier life.

Health Systems

We help hospitals, health departments, insurers, community groups, and others work together to better understand and improve health equity and achieve better health for all.

Healthy Communities

We support those working to create communities where the physical, economic, and social conditions ensure all residents have a fair opportunity to thrive and live their healthiest life.


Equitable Community Development

Health Disparities

Social Determinants of Health


Health Factors

Better Data for Better Health 

Building Community Power to Advance Health Equity

Housing Policy and Practice

Infrastructure is Public Health


Healthy Communities Program Funded by RWJF

RWJF Culture of Health Prize

Healthy Children and Families

We work to ensure that all parents and caregivers have the resources they need to ensure their children and families can thrive.


Economic Inclusion for Family Wellbeing

Valuing Caregivers and Families


Leadership for Better Health

Through our RWJF leadership development programs, we support and connect change leaders nationwide who are working toward building a Culture of Health.


Health Leadership Development

Nurses and Nursing


Leadership Programs Funded by RWJF

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Health Should Be a Right, Not a Privilege

RWJF is taking steps to focus on one of the biggest barriers to health in America: structural racism.

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