Our health is inextricably tied to where we live, learn, work, and play. It is shaped by our access to stable housing, quality schools, clean and safe open spaces, and much more.

At the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we are working to help broaden the discussion about what shapes health, and set a new standard of health, equity and well-being for all communities.


Through a wide array of grant programs, we engage policymakers, business leaders, community groups and many other stakeholders with a common interest in making it easier for everyone to get and stay healthy.


We fund research to deepen our understanding of some of America’s greatest health challenges, and identify new approaches to bring about meaningful change. We also constantly evaluate and draw lessons both from our own programs and work many others have done.



Building a national Culture of Health is the central focus of everything we do. However, we know that we are just one of many who believe that everyone in our diverse society should have the opportunity to lead longer, healthier lives.