An aerial view of a city.
An aerial view of a city.

Our Home State: New Jersey

New Jersey has a lot to be proud of when it comes to health, but there also are wide, persistent—and in some cases, growing—gaps in health across the state. A series of comprehensive, equity-promoting policies are needed to ensure that everyone in our state has a fair and just opportunity to live a healthy life.

Seizing the Moment: Creating NJ's First Public Health Institute

RWJF and the newly announced incubator organization of the public health institute (PHI) are looking to make the longtime goal of a state PHI a reality.

Trending News, Insights & Evidence

A collection of trending topics, thought leadership, and research about our work to build a Culture of Health here at home in New Jersey.

Trenton must do more to help N.J.’s hungry

More than 285,000 households lacked access to affordable food at the height of the pandemic, and it hit hardest along racial and ethnic lines.

Why N.J. needs to establish a public health institute (as 33 other states already have)

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s that there’s no such thing as being too prepared.

Achieving Health Equity with a Public Health Institute

RWJF’s director of New Jersey grantmaking, Maisha Simmons, and Program Officer Sallie George, explain why N.J. needs a public health institute to enhance statewide collaboration and reduce health disparities.


Awarded Grants For New Jersey

We're proud to support communities and organizations focused on building a healthier, more equitable Garden State.

Illustration of wealthy versus poor neighborhoods.

Understanding the Link Between Affordable Housing and Structural Racism

Creating inclusive communities requires more than fair housing laws. We need enforcement to end residential segregation and the disinvestment that shortchanges so many communities of color.

Featured Initiatives

We work alongside organizations large and small to address issues critical to making health equity a reality for everyone living in our home state.

These issues range from improved maternal and infant health, ensuring low-income and people of color have safe and affordable housing, and support efforts to build a robust public health infrastructure.