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Commentary: We Can't Allow the CDC to Be Tainted by Politics

Delaying or politicizing the CDC Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report would be a breach of public trust that could undermine the nation’s efforts to fight coronavirus, particularly in communities of color, says RWJF President and CEO Richard Besser.

Commentary: The pandemic shows America can't afford its dysfunctional health insurance system

RWJF President and CEO Richard Besser talks about how for many of the nearly 28 million people in America without health insurance, complying with the CDC guidelines to stay home when COVID-19 symptoms are present is an impossibility, especially for people of color or those in low-wage jobs.

Commentary: We need a vaccine distribution plan -- right now

RWJF Executive Vice President Julie Morita highlights the urgent need for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to take the lead in activating and coordinating the nation’s COVID-19 vaccine planning.

RWJF Statement on Racial Injustice, Violence, and Health in America

RWJF stands in solidarity with those speaking out against, and working to end, anti-black racial violence and other forms of interpersonal and structural racism, and seeking racial justice in America.

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