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Episode 18: Advancing Health: Global Trends and Solutions

What trends in health equity are emerging around the world, and what could we learn from other countries that might help us in the U.S.? Hear from Zubaida Bai of Grameen Foundation, George McGraw of DigDeep, and Ben Wise of Dalberg Advisors as they discuss six global trends in health equity and innovative solutions from around the world that could help U.S. communities thrive. Watch or listen to our discussion. Read a transcript of the discussion.

Episode 17: Cultivating Change: Youth-Led Solutions for Health Equity and Climate Change

How can community leaders across the U.S. embrace global ideas and youth power to drive inclusive and community-driven climate solutions? Hear Destiny Gonzalez of Lawrence Pa'lante and Gloriela Iguina-Colón of C40 Cities share how six U.S. cities drew inspiration from other countries, like New Zealand, France, and Brazil, to develop community-driven climate solutions and educate and equip the next generation of advocates and activists. Watch or listen to our discussion. Read a transcript of the discussion.

Episode 16: Moving Food and Beverage Corporate Policies Toward Equity

What can the U.S. learn from other countries working to protect and promote healthy diets? Hear Ashka Naik of Corporate Accountability and Jeffrey Chester of the Center for Digital Democracy share insights from the United Kingdom and countries in the Global South about safeguarding the public from industry interference and building more equitable food and beverage practices and policies. Watch or listen to our robust discussion. Read a transcript of the discussion.

Episode 15: Transforming Communities Through Nature

What can U.S. communities learn from countries like Chile about transforming communities through nature? Hear Ángela Ibáñez of Patio Vivo and Elizabeth Soper of the National Wildlife Federation share insights from schools in Chile and other countries that are turning concrete playgrounds into nature-filled spaces to build healthy, sustainable, and equitable communities. Listen in Spanish. Read a transcript of the discussion, available in English and in Spanish.

Episode 14: Building Community Power

Gordon Whitman of Faith in Action and Julia Lerma of True North Organizing Network joined RWJF Senior Director Karabi Acharya, ScD, to discuss how U.S. communities can learn from Central America to build community power. Read a transcript of the discussion.

Episode 13: Advancing Climate Justice

What can U.S. communities learn from countries like the Philippines and Spain about community-based climate adaptation and mitigation? Hear Bethany Howard of Detroit’s Eastside Community Network and Nia Mitchell of C40 Cities share practical lessons for advancing climate justice and health equity in your community. Read a transcript of the discussion.

Episode 12: Advancing Gender Equity

What can U.S. communities learn from countries like Tunisia and Iceland about building gender equity policies that root out gender gaps to improve health and wellbeing for all? Hear Chimaraoke Izugbara of the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) and Erin Bromaghim of the City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office share practical lessons for incorporating a gender equity lens in your work. Read a transcript of the discussion.

Episode 11: Connecting Indigenous Knowledge and Practices

How can your community learn with Indigenous peoples from around the world to build a healthier, more sustainable future? Hear Aleena Kawe of Red Star International and Herminia Frias of the Pascua Yaqui Tribal Council share practical lessons for cultivating a reciprocal relationship with nature to advance health equity.

Episode 10: Taking the Sustainable Development Goals Local

How can your community advance equity locally while uniting with others to improve health and wellbeing across the world? Hear from Majestic Lane of the City of Pittsburgh and Tony Pipa of the Brookings Institution about how the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have provided a blueprint for U.S. communities to drive local progress that contributes to global change. Read a transcript of the discussion.

Episode 9: Advancing Food Justice

What can U.S. communities learn from countries like Brazil and Malawi about building food systems rooted in equity that prevent hunger, improve health and wellbeing for all, and protect our planet? Hear from Malik Yakini of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network and Barbara Gemill-Herren of the “Beacons of Hope” report and Prescott College about how we can all advance food justice. Read a transcript of the discussion.

Episode 8: Investing in Nature

The outdoors have become an important refuge for people amid the COVID-19 pandemic. How can investing in nature help us improve health and equity? Hear Catherine Werner of the City of St. Louis and Tim Beatley of Biophilic Cities discuss the creative steps U.S. communities are taking to connect people to nature and boost wellbeing for all.

Episode 7: Taking a Wellbeing Approach

Could looking at wellbeing gains alongside economic growth help us build back better after COVID-19? Hear Lisa Parson of the Wellbeing Project—City of Santa Monica and Katherine Trebeck of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance discuss how communities around the world are reorienting policies, programs and budgets to put the wellbeing of people and the planet at the center.

Episode 6: Action on Health Equity

As we seek to eliminate health gaps in America, what can we learn from progress in other countries? Hear Christine Brown of the World Health Organization Europe and Michael Rodriguez, MD, MPH, of the Health Equity Network of the Americas discuss how countries throughout the Americas and Europe are identifying and addressing drivers of inequity, and what actions you can take in your community.

Episode 5: Solutions for Social Isolation

We often think of social isolation as something people experience as they get older. Yet people at all ages and stages of life can feel cut off or like they don’t belong. Oswaldo Mestre, Jr., chief service officer and director of citizen services for the City of Buffalo in New York, and Stephanie Allen, executive director of United Way of Mat-Su in Alaska, discuss strategies they’re adapting from Canada and Iceland to increase meaningful social connections in their communities to improve health and wellbeing.  

Episode 4: How Can Data Help Build Community Leaders?

After traveling the globe, Abby C. King, PhD, professor of health research and policy, Stanford Prevention Research Center and Steven Sumner, MD, medical epidemiologist in the division of violence prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), discuss what we can learn from other countries about using data to help community leaders improve health and wellbeing, and share stories of successful data collection and community engagement programs from abroad that are now being used in U.S. communities.

Episode 3: Building Inclusive Healthy Places

After traveling the globe, Shin-pei Tsay of Gehl Institute and Stephanie Gidigbi of NRDC discuss what we can learn from other countries about making public spaces more welcoming to all, and share a new approach for how to cultivate public spaces that are inclusive and support wellbeing.

Episode 2: Connecting Youth

Hear from Angela Venza of International Youth Foundation, Lashon Amado from Opportunity Youth United and Melissa Sawyer of the Youth Empowerment Project in New Orleans about how Latin America connects young adults to jobs and education--and what we can learn from those efforts to help put our youth on a path to healthy and successful lives.

Episode 1: Transforming Healthcare

Listen to Krishna Udayakumar, MD, executive director of Innovations in Healthcare and head of Global Innovation for Duke Health and Corey Siegel, MD, director of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and co-chair of IBD Qorus as they discuss what we can learn from abroad as we work to transform healthcare, and hear how U.S. doctors and patients—inspired by efforts in Sweden—are working together to co-produce care.

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