The Intersection of Health, Equity and Climate Change

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StoryCorps Recordings: How People Are Responding to the Health and Equity Harms of Climate Change

This collection of 10 conversations from across the country capture how climate change is harming health and deepening inequities—and how communities are responding.

Human health and the health of our planet, including the stability of our climate, are intertwined. Climate change is a major threat to any vision of a healthy future.


As our environments change, it harms our health. Health harms from climate change are occurring with increasing frequency and magnitude—from wildfires in the West to stronger, bigger hurricanes and worsening air pollution.

While climate change harms everyone, some people experience greater burden and feel it sooner. Where you live or work, your race, your age, if you have pre-existing health conditions or chronic illness, and your income all influence how deeply environmental changes are felt.

Through the Health and Climate Solutions program, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is working with leaders in communities across the United States to identify, highlight, and learn from smart, effective approaches and solutions that improve health, advance health equity and work to address climate change. These seven grantees, along with grantees across the Foundation, are contributing critical insights into how we can address these three intertwined issues.


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Climate Change Threatens our Health and Deepens Health Inequities

All across the United States, climate change is already reshaping our communities and making it harder to lead our healthiest lives. Three briefs highlight how climate change magnifies health inequities rooted in structural racism.

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Featured Initiatives

Conservation Law Foundation (CLF)

CLF Ventures invests in creating more walkable, affordable, vibrant neighborhoods to mitigate the impacts of climate change and improve people’s health. 

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Strong, Prosperous, And Resilient Communities Challenge (SPARCC)

SPARCC is investing in and amplifying local efforts to ensure that new investments in community and economic development reduce racial disparities, build a Culture of Health, and prepare for a changing climate.

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Biophilic Design Initiative

This initiative, led by the International Living Future Institute, uses measures of climate change mitigation to shape building design practices, connecting people and nature within our built environment and communities.

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Health and Climate Change

A landscape assessment of funding and research at the nexus of climate change and health, based on interviews with leading experts in government, academia, and the nonprofit and private sectors.

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Health and Climate Solutions

Helping build a healthy and equitable future on a rapidly warming planet: Seven communities are advancing health, equity, and climate resilience.