Open Enrollment, Round 2

Members of the public stand at tables at a polling center.

On the eve of the second open enrollment period (November 15, 2014,) the uninsured are varied in their views about enrolling.



The Issue

To help states and stakeholders develop effective strategies and messages to drive enrollment during the upcoming open enrollment period, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation sponsored national message research studies, conducted by PerryUndem and GMMB, with individuals newly enrolled in health insurance, as well as those who remain uninsured.

Key Findings

The survey found the following:

  • Of those who newly enrolled in qualified health plans, almost all plan to keep their insurance; are satisfied with their coverage; have used their coverage; and report that plans are affordable.

  • Most will check out their options for coverage in the next open enrollment period, but lack information about key dates and renewal processes.

  • Cost remains the main barrier to enrollment for uninsured.

  • One-quarter to one-third report being very likely to look for health insurance through the marketplace and another 15 percent are more likely to do so after hearing key messages.

  • Those surveyed report they are struggling financially; are in debt; and have little left over for other expenses in their monthly budgets.


Many uninsured still do not know about available health insurance options or that there is financial help to lower premium costs and in-person assistance to help them complete the enrollment process. 

About the Study:

This summary report presents the findings from both surveys (newely insured and uninsured) and provides ideas for messaging and outreach to these populations during the upcoming open enrollment period. Full reports on both surveys are also available.