Uninsured Veterans and Family Members

There are 1.3 million uninsured veterans in the United States and about 645,000 uninsured spouses of veterans. Under the ACA's Medicaid expansion, many of these uninsured service members and their spouses would be eligible for coverage because they qualify as low-income. The extent to which theywill have access to new coverage options under the ACA will depend on whether they live in a state that adopts the Medicaid expansion.

This brief examines the number of uninsured veterans who would receive coverage if their state opts to expand Medicaid.

Key Findings

  • An estimated 40 percent ofuninsured veterans have incomes that, under provisions of the ACA, could qualify them for Medicaid coverage.

  • Whether or not veterans could qualify for Medicaid under the ACA depends on whether--and which--states opt to expand Medicaid.

  • Most of eligible veterans will have new coverage options if they live in a state that expands Medicaid.

This brief is part of theQuick Strike Series. It builds upon a companion brief published in May 2012 which finds that nearly one in 10 of the nation's uninsured veterans do not have health insurance coverage.