Infographic: Medicaid Expansion is a Win for All

Expanded coverage has saved lives, reduced health care costs, narrowed racial disparities, and provided peace of mind to those who would otherwise have been uninsured.

September 9, 2021

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Stable, affordable health coverage for people in the United States is the starting point to improving health outcomes and building a Culture of Health. In the United States nearly 75 million people rely on Medicaid, the largest healthcare provider in the country.

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Closing the Medicaid Coverage Gap is a Health, Economic, and Moral Imperative

Closing the Medicaid coverage gap would save lives, reduce health care costs and help eliminate the racial and ethnic health disparities that have persisted for generations.

Statement from RWJF and Public Health and Racial Justice Advocates Strongly Supports Congress Permanently Closing the Medicaid Coverage Gap

Organizations devoted to health equity, dismantling structural racism, and advancing social justice strongly supports Congress closing Medicaid coverage gap.

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