Global Ideas for U.S. Solutions

Learning from abroad to improve health and well-being in the United States

When it comes to health, good ideas have no borders.

To help everyone in our nation have the opportunity to live the healthiest life possible, we need the best ideas the world has to offer. That’s why the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is searching the globe for programs, policies and practices that might work in the United States.

When we look around the world—from Canada to Colombia, Belgium to Botswana, Italy to India—we see countries that have made progress in tackling the same kind of problems our nation is struggling with. We want to know: What is working well there that we might be able to apply here at home?

While we always have our eyes and ears open for any practical solutions from abroad that could accelerate our nation’s progress toward a Culture of Health, we’re currently learning about how other nations have made progress toward achieving gender equity, advancing well-being, building authentic and meaningful community power, and fostering sustainable and equitable urban development.

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Karabi Acharya, Director
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Discover what we are learning from abroad.

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Global Ideas for U.S. Solutions

Discover what we are learning from abroad.

Discover what we are learning from abroad.

Blue Marble Gallery

Coming Soon: A virtual collection of works from changemakers in various continents, designed to inspire your journey toward health equity.

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Reimagined In America: What Can the World Teach Us About Building a Culture of Health?

Join conversations that explore how other countries have improved health and well-being, and hear how leaders and communities across the countries are turning promising practices and policies from overseas into practical solutions for the United States.

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Learning from the World to Improve Health and Wellbeing: A Roadmap for Planning International Learning Exchanges

International learning exchanges–whether held virtually or in person–offer one of the best ways to engage with our peers abroad to uncover valuable lessons, build relationships, inspire action, and find new ways to advance equity in U.S. policies, programs, and systems.

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