Pioneering Ideas for An Equitable Future

What can we do today to create a healthier, more equitable tomorrow?

New technologies, scientific discoveries and cultural shifts are redefining our future. We work with pioneering scientists, anthropologists, engineers, artists, and other creative thinkers across the nation to help us explore and accelerate cutting edge ideas and emerging trends that could advance health equity. It is through their ingenuity that we will build a healthier future for all.

While we are always on the lookout for any pioneering ideas that could help us live our healthiest lives, we are particularly interested in learning how we can influence the future in these four areas:

  • The Future of Food...where all have access to food that is healthier for our families, our workers, and our planet.
  • The Future of Social Interaction...where we have found healthier ways to connect with one another, regardless of the beliefs we hold or the technologies we use.
  • The Future of Work...where all jobs in every way possible, support our efforts to live our healthiest lives.
  • The Future of Evidence...where trusted information is collected, shared, and used ethically and equitably to advance wellbeing.


The equitable future we all deserve won’t simply arrive—we must create it together.

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