Supporting the Launch and Growth of the Campaign for Black Male Achievement

    • August 3, 2015

Dates of Project: November 2012 through July 2014

Description: One reason the problems of black males in America have proved so pervasive and so persistent is the lack of effective social programs to address those problems. From November 2012 through July 2014, RWJF and a coalition of other funding partners brought together by the Open Society Foundations helped establish the Campaign for Black Male Achievement as an independent organization that identifies and supports a national network of leaders and institutions dedicated to improving the life outcomes of black men and boys.

In November 2014, RWJF and its funding partners continued its support of the campaign with a second, two-year grant.

Key Results

With this funding, the Campaign for Black Male Achievement:

  • Established an organizational infrastructure with a membership network that today includes 4,400individual members representing nearly 2,500 organizations or programs aimed at helping black men and boys
  • Established the Black Male Achievement Life Outcomes Dashboard, an online repository of key data relevant to black men in 16 American cities
  • Completed more than 1,000 surveys of organizations, gathering data on the focus of their activities, who they serve, their strengths, and their weaknesses
  • Completed nearly 250 Organizational and Leadership Capacity Assessments, a detailed analysis designed to help member organizations and programs maintain and improve the quality of their services
  • Named and provided 12 months of capacity building support to seven “Social Innovators” organizations and leaders who represent notable achievement in the field

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Campaign for Black Male Achievement supports organizations that improve life outcomes for black men & boys.