Visualizing Health Equity: One Size Does Not Fit All Infographics

When it comes to expanding opportunities for health, thinking the same approach will work universally is like expecting everyone to be able to ride the same bike. We’ve invested in creating multiple graphics to depict health equity. Scroll down to view and download.

June 30, 2017

Faced with the challenge to visually convey the difference between equality and equity, we surveyed our audience and incorporated input from a range of people.

We used your insights to create a second version of our bike graphic, as well as an additional graphic. Read the post on our Culture of Health blog to learn more.

Side-by-side illustrations show pedestrians of various races, genders, ages, and a person in a wheelchair. On the left, entitled “equality,” an adult male rides a bicycle with ease while the others cannot ride the same bicycle. In the “equity” illustration everyone rides bicycles tailored to them and the person with a disability rides an electric wheelchair.
Side-by-side illustrations show four pedestrians of various races, genders, ages, and people with disabilities attempting to cross an intersection. Structural barriers prevent some from crossing on the left entitled “equality”. In the “equity” illustration, a curb cut and accessible pedestrian signals provide safe passage.

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