Nurses, Nursing and Population Health

Analysis and perspectives on how nurses can help address critical public and population health challenges in the United States.

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Relief workers sort through donated medical supplies.

Our nation has never had a greater need for investment in public and population health, and nurses are uniquely suited to play a major role.

As life expectancy in the United States is declining and the number of people struggling with chronic conditions continues to rise, nurses are everywhere: in our hospitals, schools, businesses, homes, and communities.

Consistently named as the most trusted health profession, nurses are trained to see each person they care for in the context of his or her life. Regardless of their specific backgrounds or assignments, nurses have a responsibility and obligation to promote public and population health no matter where or how they practice. To truly achieve the best possible health and well-being for everyone in our nation, it is increasingly essential for nurses to play an expanded role.

About This Collection

Stemming from a range of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) programs focused on the nursing profession, this collection includes analysis and perspectives how to more fully leverage nurses in addressing critical public health issues aross our nation, and incorporate a stronger population health focus into nursing education and practice.

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Harnessing the Power of Nurses to Improve Population Health

How can nurses help our nation more effectively work to improve health for everyone in the 21st century?

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Video: Nurses Play A Key Role in A Culture of Health

Video: Nurses Play A Key Role in A Culture of Health

A nurse checks a hospital patient's breathing.

Video: Nurses Play A Key Role in A Culture of Health

Video: Nurses Play A Key Role in A Culture of Health

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