Funding and Research Opportunities
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Algoma, WI COH 2017. Nate Broerman (left) is a 12th grader and is teaching Ava Horseley (4th grade) today. Community Fab Lab are classes at Wolf Tech where students teach skills to anyone in the community for free. It's a bridge that often connects youth and folks at an older age.
Active Funding Opportunities

To build a Culture of Health, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funds a wide array of research and initiatives focused on achieving health equity. Our active and upcoming funding opportunities are here for your review. 

Active Funding Opportunities

Upcoming Funding Opportunities

Policies for Action (P4A) Effects of State Preemption Policies on Racial Justice and Health Equity 

The goal of this P4A CFP is to build the evidence base investigating how preemption policies at the state level may affect racial justice and health equity. The research funded under this CFP should: 1) focus on how state-level preemption impacts local authority; 2) be intentional about applying a racial equity lens to the policy research processes and outcomes; and 3) include community groups and/or members, especially those from historically marginalized communities, as leaders or partners in all stages of the research.
Releases June 15, 2023


Health Data for Action (Data Access Award) (HD4A)

This program will support innovative research that uses available data to answer important research questions and inform health policy by providing no-cost access to data. Eligible research projects can focus on a variety of topics including public health surveillance and population health, diagnostic quality, the health effects of COVID-19, risk adjustment, health outcomes, rehospitalization rates, the opioid epidemic, maternal and infant health, social determinants of health, racial and ethnic disparities, healthcare access, healthcare costs and utilization, quality of care, prescription patterns and medication adherence, prevalence of chronic disease, trends in insurance markets, consolidation and competition, and rate comparisons, among others.  Releases June 21, 2023


Other Engagement Opportunities

2023: Improving Public Health Data Systems to Address Health Equity Challenges for At-Risk Communities in the U.S. Gulf Coast

The Gulf Research Program and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation are partnering to advance health equity in at-risk communities of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico that are disproportionately experiencing the impacts of climate change. This funding opportunity will support research to investigate the role that social determinants of health data could play in improving the capability of public health data systems to better understand and address health disparities in at-risk communities.

Deadline: June 12, 2023 5:00 p.m. ET. Learn more and apply