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Active Funding Opportunities

To build a Culture of Health, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funds a wide array of research and initiatives focused on achieving health equity. Our active and upcoming funding opportunities are here for your review. 

Active Funding Opportunities

Upcoming Funding Opportunity

The RWJF Culture of Health Prize celebrates communities where people and organizations are collaborating to build solutions to barriers that have created unequal opportunities for health and wellbeing.

Release date: March 14, 2024

Other Engagement Opportunity

Health Equity Research Network on Community-Driven Research Approaches

RWJF and the American Heart Association are co-funding a unique opportunity designed to strengthen infrastructure to support community-driven health organizations, leading to improvements in upstream health disparities and ultimately longer, healthier lives. This funding mechanism will establish a collaborative, multi-center network with a specific focus on innovative methodological approaches for community-driven research and developing new scalable models for doing research differently, with greater shared authority.

Partner Hub application deadline: March 26, 2024

Community Engagement Resource Center application deadline: March 28, 2024

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