A Culture of Health Vision at TED 2014

Mar 20, 2014, 6:00 PM, Posted by Culture of Health Blog Team

Leigh Rowan adds his culture of health building block at TED 2014. Photo by Bret Hartman.

This week we’re thrilled to bring the conversation about a culture of health to TED, the annual conference dedicated to spreading innovative ideas from all sectors of society. At RWJF we believe that our health involves far more than health care; it also extends to how we work, how we live, our families and our communities. We are passionate about collaborating with others to cultivate a culture of health, where being healthy and staying healthy is valued by our entire society. (Read more about RWJF’s vision for a culture of health.)

To that end, we are bringing our vision to TED. RWJF staffers led a master class at TED earlier in the week about designing and building a culture of health, and we are hosting the RWJF Café, where an interactive display invites people to answer the question, “What does a culture of health mean to you?” We’ve been sharing highlights on Twitter using the #cultureofhealth hashtag, and would love for you to join the conversation, either on Twitter or in the comments on this post.

Here are some of the responses we’ve gotten at TED so far:

A Culture of Health Means...

The "Building a Culture of Health" block booth at 2014 Spotlight: Health meeting. Feeling guilty for NOT taking a sick day!

What does a “culture of health” mean to you? We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and sharing. Also, stay tuned for blog posts from some of the RWJF staffers attending TED this week—where they will connect the dots between some of the ideas shared on the TED stage and how to build a culture of health. ‘Til then, see you at #cultureofhealth on Twitter.

Have a healthy day!

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