This Is a Brainstorm

Oct 23, 2009, 11:30 AM, Posted by RWJF Blog Team

There is no such thing as a blank check — particularly in this economic climate. Resources are not endless; parameters exist. But the Pioneer Portfolio is dedicated to powering ideas that have the ability to truly transform health and health care and — to do so — we need to encourage people to THINK BIG.

From October 27-30, members of the Pioneer team will be in San Diego to participate in TEDMED2009. While we are there, we will ask other participants — if someone was to hand them a blank check — what they would do to transform the future of health and health care? What kind of problems do they see as being “stuck” and that, if solved, could bring about significant improvements 5, 10, 15 or more years down the road?  Where are the breakthrough opportunities?

But we don’t want to limit the conversation to the group at TEDMED; we want to take the conversation to Twitter and ask a broader audience for their ideas. Like you.
There is no blank check.
This is not a call for proposals.
This is a brainstorm.
We want to hear your ideas because they inspire us and because we hope you might inspire each other.
If you would like to participate in the conversation and let us know how you would transform the future of health and health care, please tag your “tweets” with the #blankcheck hashtag. We’ll “retweet” them to share with those who follow Pioneer on Twitter and we’ll share them with everyone at TED MED through a live feed we’ll have playing throughout the event. If you don’t want to share your own ideas, but want to see what other people are thinking, you can follow the conversation here. And please consider telling others about the #blankcheck conversation.

This commentary originally appeared on the RWJF Pioneering Ideas blog.