Welcome, and an Invitation

Oct 12, 2006, 4:57 AM, Posted by Robert Hughes

Welcome to the Pioneer Portfolio’s blog. What, you might ask, is a Pioneer Portfolio, and why is it blogging?

The idea behind the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s (RWJF) Pioneer Portfolio is simple–focus on the future of health and health care and promote innovations that may lead to breakthrough improvements

But there is no formula to produce such breakthroughs.  It takes experimentation, creativity, unconventional ideas, counter-intuitive approaches, and an eagerness to engage in the open exchange of ideas and practices – hence the creation of a grantmaking portfolio dedicated to identifying key trends and concepts that might transform health and health care, and to determining how RWJF might invest now to shape those ideas.

We intend for this blog to support the work of the Pioneer Portfolio and hope it will stimulate new thinking and lively discussions, and serve as a dynamic learning space for us all.

What can you expect to see here? 

·         Foundation staff, grantees, guest bloggers and other creative thinkers discussing innovative projects and ideas that address a wide range of topics affecting health and health care – from medical malpractice to social entrepreneurship to personal health records.

·         Reports of cutting-edge developments – like Games for Health, which is building a new discipline at the intersection of video games and health and health care, and prediction markets that forecast when influenza outbreaks may occur.

·         Comments on innovations in health and philanthropy–like attempts to revolutionize primary care practices or the creation of new capital markets for social entrepreneurs.

·         Exchanges on important health and health care issues–such as how information technology in health care can empower patients to better manage their health and get the care they need.

Our doors are wide open to the critical exchange of ideas and the opportunity to interact with a broad community of thinkers and doers. We also see the need to try new things–like piloting this blog–and track how they work. We have high hopes. We invite you to contribute your ideas to help make this blog timely, lively, and a place where we can all learn together.

This commentary originally appeared on the RWJF Pioneering Ideas blog.