A diverse group of adults participate in a fitness class.


Factors such as our race, ethnicity and health disparity status should not play a role in how healthy we are or how long we live. Unfortunately, for many of us, they do. RWJF is working to expose and combat structural racism, which is often at the core of health disparities throughout the U.S. because everyone deserves an equal opportunity to live their healthiest life possible.

We support a range of programs that help identify and address the root causes of America's health inequality—because everyone deserves an equal opportunity to pursue a healthier life.

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RWJF funds many initiatives in support of our vision for a Culture of Health. For this focus area, these initiatives were selected to demonstrate grantmaking that is helping us achieve the greatest impact. 

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We realize that building a Culture of Health will take unprecedented collaboration and a deeper understanding of where barriers exist and how to overcome them.

We have previously funded opportunities in this area of focus with the goal to strengthen and advance health equity, and we have more work to do.