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Three Lessons on How Communities Can Support the Struggle for Water Justice

Sep 29, 2022, 10:00 AM, Posted by Brenda Santoyo, Jeremiah Muhammad

Access to clean, safe water is a basic human right—a right we strive to protect in our Chicago neighborhood. These important lessons we've learned along the way may help other communities facing similar challenges.

Water Pipe and Scales

The Flint water crisis prompted anxious school districts nationwide, including ours in Chicago, to test water in our public schools. The results were alarming: Thirty-seven percent of schools had levels of lead in the water fountains that were far above the federal limit.

This was the beginning of our journey toward water justice in Little Village.

Little Village is a small, culturally and economically vibrant Chicago neighborhood that is home to many Latine families and children. But industrialization and climate change have posed stark threats to our well-being. To build a healthier community, through the years we have worked alongside courageous local leaders to wage tireless grassroots campaigns. For example, one community-led effort transformed contaminated land into open green space—the first public park to be built in Little Village in 75 years. Another effort succeeded in shutting down a coal plant that was polluting our air with toxic fumes.

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