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An Ambitious Effort to Get Americans Covered

Jun 17, 2013, 4:38 PM, Posted by Andrew Hyman

A doctor examines a teenage patient's ears.

As the nation’s largest public health philanthropy, addressing the crisis of the uninsured is central to our mission.

A 2009 RWJF-funded study by the Institute of Medicine documented severe consequences to the long-term health prospects of people living without health insurance. Put simply, the uninsured live sicker, suffer more, and die younger. And beyond the impact on the individual and their families, high rates of uninsurance strain communities’ health systems, limiting access to quality care for those with insurance.

Sadly, 50 million of our fellow Americans—nearly one in six of us—are uninsured.  For decades, RWJF has worked to remedy the crisis of the uninsured, and this week marks an especially important milestone, as “Get Covered America” kicks off across the nation. A grassroots, consumer-driven campaign, “Get Covered America” will educate Americans about new opportunities to obtain affordable health insurance in advance of open enrollment season this fall.

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