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Open Access: Making Research More Transparent and Accessible

Sep 7, 2016, 9:31 AM, Posted by Margaret Tait, Oktawia Wojcik

Peer review and academic journals contribute to creation of sound scientific research. Alternatively, the Open Access movement seeks to breed innovation and maximize impact. We’re listening to both sides of this debate and researching the best way forward.

Open Access in Research PHOTO: h_pampel via flickr

Tradition in almost any discipline can be a solid foundation on which to soar. But tradition can also stifle new ideas. When we think about how science advances, there’s something to be said for giving tradition its due while also embracing new approaches.

Researchers have historically shielded their data, methods, tools, and findings until they have been submitted for peer review and published in an academic journal. The publisher has generally then made the articles available solely to subscribers.

There are many sound reasons for this time-honored system. It can safeguard the privacy of study subjects, protect the rigor of the investigation process, provide input on promotion and tenure decisions, enhance institutional prestige, and ensure the accuracy of information.

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