Racism in Medical Journals, and in Medicine

In a letter to the editor, RWJF President and CEO Richard Besser, Trustee David Williams, and Alumna Risa Lavizzo-Mourey note that medical journals understate and don't adequately connect systemic racism and health. They emphasize—as they did in a New England Journal of Medicine commentary—that we must fund and encourage research that explores why skin color has an outsized impact on how well and long a person lives.

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An avoidable hunger crisis still looms for millions of children: Opinion

As leaders of two nonprofit organizations committed to healthy school
meals as integral to children’s learning and overall wellbeing, Richard
Besser and Nancy Brown, CEO of the AHA, explain why this bill ensuring that children could continue to receive meals at no cost be a through summer and extended some waivers through next school year first step not be a final one.   

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In a letter to the editor of The Washington Post, Richard Besser and President and Chief Executive of the NAACP Derrick Johnson describe Medicaid expansion as a historic opportunity that would result in higher rates of coverage, fewer premature deaths, narrowing of racial health disparities and increased economic activity. Yet 12 states continue to perpetuate the Medicaid coverage gap, denying 2.2 million people—disproportionately people of color and low incomes—quality healthcare coverage.

The COVID-19 Effect

"I have all too often observed that conversations about health equity
ignore disability issues. We must shift the narrative about social
justice to incorporate disability inclusion."

We Know How to Fight Poverty. So Let's Fight

"We pediatricians, and others who provide care to children, bear witness each day to how poverty can devastate a life that has only just begun. We have diagnosed the problem to death. Now it’s time to take up the fight."