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State of Vermont

With an activist history and long-standing commitment to health, Vermont consistently ranks one of the healthiest states in the nation.

Vermont has led the nation in promoting efforts to improve health care access, equity, and affordability. The state is a long-established leader in forging consensus for a universal health care system, developing a promising health services model to manage chronic diseases, and promoting physical fitness as a shared value and a way of life for its residents. These efforts have produced success stories and cautionary tales. In addition to continued efforts to transform health care services, Vermont recently enacted a health in all policies approach, which incorporates health considerations into decisions involving cross-sector partners and state and local agencies.

Vermont is on the whole wealthier, better educated, and significantly healthier than most of the country, with 94% of residents insured, compared to 86% of the nation. Obesity rates are lower (25%, compared to 30% nationwide), and only 16% of residents smoke, compared to 18% nationwide.