The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is supporting the efforts of small and midsize cities across the nation to develop solutions that effectively leverage local resources and strengths. This feature highlights the importance of understanding smaller cities’ strengths, challenges, and opportunities in achieving health and wellbeing for all.

Featured Initiatives

Evaluating Progress in Midsize Cities

A report from Mt. Auburn Associates evaluates the progress and team-based outcomes of 50 midsize cities participating in Invest Health.

Laboratories for Change

When looking for laboratories of urban development and resilience—check what’s happening in smaller cities.

In Buffalo, A Bustling Food Enterprise Emerges

Residents in Buffalo are turning an abandoned manufacturing building into an enterprise for new food choices in the community.

Strengthening Equity and Environmental Health

The Healthy Neighborhoods Equity Fund project helps promote equity and strengthens community and environmental health.

Where You Live Matters to Your Health

A tool shows how where you live—down to the census tract level—affects your estimated life expectancy at birth.

Advancing Leadership in Smaller Cities

Across New England, the Working Cities Challenge is advancing collaborative leadership in smaller cities to transform the lives of their low-income residents.

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