The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is working to build a Culture of Health that enables all in our diverse society to lead healthier lives, now and for generations to come. Throughout our work, we focus on creating equal opportunity to pursue the best health possible, and exploring cutting-edge ideas with potential to accelerate progress.


Child and Family Well-Being—All parents want what's best for their children, but too many families face hardships that can impair children’s health. We support research and programs in early childhood development, mental and emotional health, family and social support to help all families provide their children with the building blocks they need to lead the healthiest lives they can.

Childhood Obesity—In 2007, RWJF dedicated $500 million to reversing the childhood obesity epidemic in America. The relentless rise in childhood obesity rates has abated, and in some areas has even decreased. Moving forward, RWJF will stress the importance of achieving a healthy weight for all of our nation’s children, especially in struggling communities and those of color.

Health Insurance Coverage—For decades, RWJF has worked to improve access to affordable, high-quality coverage for all Americans. The Affordable Care Act has created new opportunities for more than 30 million uninsured Americans to acquire coverage and we are striving to ensure that all who are eligible know what benefits are available to them and how to make the most of them.

Healthy Communities—Improving health in a community often involves a combination of strategies such as investment in broad access to nutritious food, affordable housing, and educational and economic opportunity. We support a range of initiatives elevating promising strategies and building demand for the types of places and practices that can help communities pursue life-long health.

Health Leadership and Workforce—RWJF has a long legacy of supporting leaders with the potential to transform our nation’s health. We remain deeply committed to investing in tomorrow’s health innovators and increasing the capacity of our health workforce—particularly our nation’s nurses—to meet America’s critical health needs and help build a Culture of Health. 

Health System Improvement—RWJF is committed to seeking the best possible outcomes and highest value from our national investments in health care, public health and population health. We are working to identify, explore and spread strategies that will increase the reach and efficacy of health services, and to address the nation's health care costs.


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RWJF honors the legacy of its founder by working to build a Culture of Health in New Jersey. We support a wide range of efforts to address critical health needs and improve the lives of our neighbors across the Garden State.

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