Keeping Families Together: A Pilot Program and Its Evaluation

Demonstration of supportive housing for chronically homeless families with children at risk for abuse and neglect

From 2007 to 2010, the Corporation for Supportive Housing’s New York City office piloted and evaluated Keeping Families Together, a program that provided permanent supportive housing for the city’s most vulnerable families. These families had been homeless for at least a year, and had at least one case of child abuse or neglect open with the city’s Administration for Children's Services.

Supportive housing offers affordable, well-managed rental housing and intensive services to individuals and families who have been homeless for long periods owing to mental illness, substance addiction or serious health problems. The Corporation for Supportive Housing subcontracted with Metis Associates, a national consulting firm, to evaluate the pilot. In their report, Keeping Families Together: Program Evaluation Overview (available online), the evaluators noted that as of June 2010, 26 of 29 families participating in the pilot remained in supportive housing. In contrast, 15 families in a comparison group either never left homeless shelters or returned to them one to three times during the pilot period.