Coalition Membership and Classification

Coalitions are key actors in Covering Kids & Families® (CKF), charged with working together to increase enrollment, simplify administrative rules and improve the coordination of the Medicaid and SCHIP programs for uninsured children and their families. They can be composed of a variety of groups, usually including some combination of: state and local providers, community-based organizations, government officials, and advocacy groups. Given their central place in CKF, it is critical that they represent the key stakeholders in their community, that they are a balanced among different types of groups, and that they have substantial roots in their communities.

This highlight memo documents the numbers of members and types of organization that comprise the state and local coalitions in CKF. This document does not address whether the current coalitions include key stakeholders or if coalition members have substantial roots in their communities. These are issues for future review. This memo does assess whether the coalitions are balanced among different types of membership groups.