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A collection of programs which are connecting and leveraging numerous forms of health data to increase awareness and drive action to improve the nation's health.

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Across America, an explosion in openly available health data is transforming our ability to understand the many factors that shape our health.

The data types range from national to local and demographic to behavioral, and the sources range from public agencies, to hospitals, to creators of consumer products. Amid this proliferation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation supports programs working to make this data as accessible and useful as possible to key audiences - from researchers, advocates and policy-makers, to media and the public.

The better we are able capture insights from health data, the more effectively we will be able to identify and address health disparities, and help all people live healthier lives. 

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Reform by the Numbers

February 16, 2017

Reform by the Numbers is a source for timely and unique data about the impact of health reform.

HIX Compare

January 31, 2017

Raw data and overviews on the design, affordability, and cost-sharing features of plans offered in health insurance marketplaces across all 50 states.

Sage Bionetworks: BRIDGE

December 28, 2016 | Grantee

BRIDGE is a open, crowd-sourced platform from Sage Bionetworks for patients to share data and experiences with others, and for the benefit of biomedical research. Learn about pilots underway.

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