The Data Explosion

Oct 8, 2012, 5:00 PM, Posted by Brian C. Quinn

Brian Quinn / RWJF Brian Quinn

Pioneer is dedicated to creating the places and spaces where innovative, forward-thinking ideas are hatched and cultivated. That's why we are excited to partner with WIRED magazine to explore how real-time, real-world data can lead us to better health at Living by Numbers, WIRED's first-ever health conference on October 15 and 16 in New York City.

What are the opportunities for bringing data into real-time decision-making for health and health care? How can individually generated, real-world data transform research or clinical care and lead to better health? Living by Numbers will bring 200 innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, and thought leaders together to have a vigorous and open discussion across sectors—to generate ideas and help them take hold. It is also an opportunity for the tech sector to see the power and influence their tools and expertise can have on the field of health and health care.

Among the speakers are Ashton Eaton, a decathlon world record holder; Michael Graves, one of the most influential architects of our time; Craig Venter, a geneticist responsible for sequencing the human genome; and Stephen Wolfram, a scientist who brought us Mathematica. Not to mention Nicholas Christakis, a scientist famous for studying social networks and health; Rhonda Cornum, a war hero and surgeon who has developed health strategy for the U.S. Army; and Gary Wolf, a WIRED co-founder who also founded a movement to ‘know thyself’ through numbers.

What all of these leaders and innovators have in common is they understand the power and influence of health data. Whether tracking a single person’s vital health signals, like Ashton Eaton; monitoring the health of an entire population, like Rhonda Cornum; or measuring the connections we have with each other, like Pioneer grantee Nicholas Christakis; the speakers show us that there is much to learn from better tracking of health data through health data technology.

At the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we have long believed that better data can lead to better health. The conference will highlight for our colleagues in health and health care this huge—and still largely untapped—potential and build on the enthusiasm for creating scalable, transformative solutions to improve the diagnosis, care, and prevention of disease.

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Read more about the keynote speakers:

  • Ashton Eaton, Gold Medalist, Olympic Decathlon; world record holder, Decathlon and Heptathlon;
  • Michael Graves, founding partner, Michael Graves & Associates/Michael Graves Design Group;
  • Craig Venter, founder, chairman, and president, J. Craig Venter Institute; CEO & president, Synthetic Genomics; and
  • Stephen Wolfram, president & CEO, Wolfram Research.

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This commentary originally appeared on the RWJF Pioneering Ideas blog.