Learn more about the leadership and staff who contribute to the mission and goals of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

  • Board of Trustees

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    • Robert E. Campbell, chairman emeritus
    • George S. Frazza
    • James R. Gavin III
    • Linda Griego
    • Wendy W. Hagen
    • Edward J. Hartnett
    • Frank J. Hoenemeyer
    • Robert Wood Johnson IV
    • Honorable Thomas H. Kean, chairman emeritus
    • Ralph S. Larsen
    • Edward E. Matthews
    • William L. Roper
    • Marla E. Salmon
    • Steven A. Schroeder
    • William R. Walsh Jr.
    • Gail L. Warden
    • Richard B. Worley
  • Staff by Department

    Executive Office

    • Risa Lavizzo-Mourey President and CEO
    • Robin E. Mockenhaupt Chief of Staff
    • Tina C. Hines Assistant to the President
    • Joan F. McKay Executive Assistant, Executive Office
    • Wilma L Packard Administrative Coordinator, Executive Office

    Accounting & Finance

    • Peggi Einhorn Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
    • Janice A. Opalski Director, Program Financial Services
    • Mimi E. Turi Director, Program Financial Management
    • Anu Bangalore Senior Financial Analyst
    • Marianne Brandmaier Administrative Coordinator, Program Financial Management
    • Lola M. Derosier Program Financial Assistant
    • Conswaila M. Diggs Senior Accountant
    • Arlene S. Dominguez Accountant
    • Marilyn Ernst Senior Program Financial Analyst I
    • Sue B. Halucka Program Financial Analyst
    • Carol L. Jefferson Executive Assistant
    • Rebecca E. Kamer Program Financial Assistant
    • Sofia Kounelias Program Financial Analyst
    • Doreen J. Laskow Senior Program Financial Analyst I
    • Tina M. Manfre Investment and Tax Manager
    • James L. Mendez Program Financial Analyst
    • Jan A. Mihalow Program Financial Analyst
    • Carol Owle Accounting Assistant
    • Christine Phares Program Financial Analyst
    • Daniela M. Phayme Senior Program Financial Analyst I
    • Georgina M. Pitre Accounting Assistant
    • Sharleen Rajput Program Financial Analyst
    • Ashley M Ranji Senior Accountant
    • Bill N. Roell Controller
    • Megha R. Sanghavi Senior Program Financial Analyst II
    • Liisa E. Sestrich Senior Manager, Program Financial Management
    • Christopher M. Sowa Associate Controller
    • Stephen A. Theisen Program Financial Analyst


    Facilities Management

    • John M. D'Allessio Director, Facilities Management
    • Tom A. Cheney Assistant Manager, Facilities Management
    • Cruzaldo P. Cruz General Mechanic II
    • Thomas R. Ficarro General Mechanic II
    • Brian M. Gorman General Mechanic I
    • Thomas W. Nelson Senior General Mechanic
    • Peter Staszkiw Senior General Mechanic

    Foundation Services

    • Kristine Nasto Director, Foundation Services
    • Barbara Ann Andersen Wellness Coordinator
    • Shawn E. Craig Foundation Services Assistant I
    • Mitzi M. Davis Administrative Coordinator, HRA
    • Dan G. Hetherington Foundation Services Assistant II
    • Erin E. Johnson Foundation Services Operations and Meeting Manager
    • Valerie Kearns Meeting, Event and Administrative Assistant
    • Farrell M. Kornreich Media Services Manager
    • Ellen Chattin Shaw Media Services Specialist

    Human Resources

    • David L. Waldman Vice President, Human Resources and Administration
    • Eboni Aarons Administrative Coordinator, HRA
    • Shannan I. Gonzalez Human Resources Officer
    • Angela C. Green Administrative Coordinator, HRA
    • Shannon M. Laszlo HRA Associate
    • Amy T. Malik Senior Human Resources Generalist
    • Pat A. McFadzean Senior Human Resources Officer
    • Michael P Shannon HRIS Administrator

    Information Technology

    • Stephen J. Downs Chief Technology and Information Officer
    • John M. Bednar Applications Solutions Architect I
    • David Binder Director, IT Infrastructure and Operations
    • Joseph P. Calabrese Director, Applications Technology & Data Architecture
    • Ellen Coyote Unit Coordinator, IT
    • Amy Dai Senior Software Engineer
    • Don D. DeBias IT Manager, Customer Support II
    • Gail M. Goldfinger Customer Support/Training Technician
    • Dan J. Gross Infrastructure Engineer
    • Carole C. Harris Executive Assistant
    • Debra A. Heyn Senior Software Analyst
    • Kim M. Lavan Senior Software Analyst
    • Kris McDaid Sr Director, Applications Technology & Enterprise Solutions
    • Christopher R. Moore Infrastructure Engineer
    • Jerry A. Pizza IT Manager, Infrastructure II
    • Radha M. Reddy Senior Software Engineer
    • Christopher T. Seickel Applications Solutions Architect I
    • David P Spies Customer Support Technician
    • Sury Suryanarayanan IT Manager, Applications
    • Thomas Varouhakis Infrastructure Engineer
    • Desmond L. Wattley Infrastructure Technician
    • Robert L. Woodhead Software Developer
    • Syndia Wu Software Engineer

    Investment Office

    • Brian S. O'Neil Chief Investment Officer
    • Cookie Anne Acot Administrative Coordinator, Investment Operations
    • Michael E. Aswad Managing Director, Private Investments
    • Karen J. Candelori Director, Investment Operations
    • Alex Douglas Senior Investment Analyst
    • Elizabeth M. Hewitt Managing Director, Public Investments
    • Qi Feng Lau Senior Investment Officer
    • Marian C. Lemieux-DeVito Executive Assistant, Investment Office
    • Zarah Lee P. Opitz Investment Operations Manager
    • Spencer Polaske Investment Analyst I
    • Linda Seveneant Administrative Coordinator, Investments
    • Joshua B. Stern Director, Private Investments
    • Warren M. Stock Director, Public Investments
    • Alex Yudkoff Investment Analyst I

    National Program Services

    • Dee A. Colello Senior Manager, Program Operations
    • Tim Crowley National Program Services Associate
    • Marianne M. Meyer National Program Services Associate
    • Carole J. Salinger National Program Services Associate
    • Robyn B. Tyminski National Program Services Associate

    Office of Proposal Management

    • Lydia A. Ryba OPM Manager
    • Patricia H. Higgins Program Assistant
    • Joseph P. Miliano Program Assistant
    • Katherine A. Pellegrino Administrative Assistant
    • Carol J. Tierney Administrative Assistant


    Program Records Management Center

    • Nicole Bianco Program Records Assistant
    • Thomas Andruszewski Program Records Manager

    Program Service Center

    • Tom J. Rauen Director, Program Service Center
    • Melanie S Adams Program Team Coordinator
    • Tonya D. Aldrich Senior Team Coordinator
    • Michelle Arroyo Program Administrative Assistant
    • Jill Baker Program Administrative Assistant
    • Jill Cunningham Program Administrative Assistant
    • Elise S. DeMeo Program Administrative Assistant
    • Roshani Desai Executive Assistant
    • Nicole D. Ferris Program Administrative Assistant
    • Jennifer Fleischer Program Administrative Assistant
    • Cathy Goldsmith Program Team Coordinator
    • Julie M. Harris Program Administrative Assistant
    • Kim Haston Program Administrative Assistant
    • Sharon Kakas-Cosma Program Administrative Assistant
    • Erica Kelly Program Administrative Assistant
    • Cyndy L. Kiely Senior Manager, Program Service Center
    • Gail C Klein Program Administrative Assistant
    • Susan P. Leisentritt Program Administrative Assistant
    • Rose Littman Program Administrative Assistant
    • Linda L. Manning Program Team Coordinator
    • Helen J. Mathew Program Team Coordinator
    • Kia J. Muldrow Executive Assistant
    • Kristal V Pilot Program Administrative Assistant
    • Karen P. Reuter Senior Administrative Coordinator
    • Anita K. Roberts Foundation Services Assistant I
    • Donna M. Russo Program Administrative Assistant
    • Mayra C. Saenz Program Administrative Assistant
    • Colleen R. Salvas Program Administrative Assistant
    • Kelly M. Schulthies Program Administrative Assistant
    • Toni D. Scratchard Senior Administrative Coordinator
    • Tejal Shah Program Team Coordinator
    • Alyson C. Silk Program Administrative Assistant
    • Paula C. Silva Program Administrative Assistant
    • Betty A. Simmons Program Administrative Assistant
    • Dawn M. Southwick Program Administrative Assistant
    • Marybeth Tamayo Program Administrative Assistant

    Program Staff


    Staff Development