Culture of Health Measures Compendium

This Culture of Health measures compendium includes detailed information about the measures updated
in 2019. The measures compendium follows a similar format to prior compendiums, and is located at Additional details including measures visualizations (e.g., graphs) are also
located at this website.

Since the initial release of Culture of Health measures in 2015, team members from the Robert Wood
Johnson Foundation (RWJF) along with the RAND Corporation reviewed the initial set of 41 measures with
a wide variety of leaders from diverse backgrounds-academic, practice, and policy- to determine which
measures resonated and why, to understand how these illustrative measures signal work of the
Foundation and others, and to more fully review the validity and quality of the measures. In the tables that
comprise the majority of this compendium, we present updated information on the final 35 measures,
which were refined and finalized in 2018. We intend to use these measures for several years, but will
continue to review their use periodically to ensure they continue to effectively capture national progress in
population health, well-being and equity outcomes.