Evolution of Outreach

An evaluation of Enroll America’s field outreach campaign for the second enrollment period finds it built on its successes from year one by enhancing and expanding outreach.

The Issue

Enroll America was founded in 2010 with the goal of maximizing enrollment in health insurance marketplaces. Through its national campaign, Get Covered America, its outreach focused on speaking directly to individuals to identify the uninsured, raise awareness, provide information and deliver a consistent message. These efforts were complemented by an earned media strategy including local and national television and print media coverage as well as a sophisticated digital outreach strategy designed to identify consumers, educate them and motivate them to enroll in coverage.

Key Findings

Building on the success of year one, and taking into consideration the lessons learned along the way, Enroll America saw continued success by employing several effective tactics, including developing an online scheduling tool, strengthening existing partnerships and identifying new partners such as brokers and agents, refining strategies based on evidence, and updating messaging to acknowledge enrollments and renewals.

The evaluation finds that Enroll America maintained its ability to reach outreach goals in a challenging, dynamic environment by:

  • Employing an emphasis on real-time data and analytics. With the ability to quickly determine what worked and what didn’t, Enroll America was able to make changes to its outreach strategy and field activities.

  • Reaching more consumers with fewer resources. Looking at data to track enrollees and strategically using resources to reach consumers led to increased efficiency and opportunity for enrollments.

  • Looking to the future. Enroll America continues to determine ways to sustain its work by diversifying funding sources, shifting some fundraising responsibilities to field states and developing sources of earned revenue such as customized training.


Through the second open enrollment period, Enroll America implemented and sustained a successful, innovative outreach campaign to maximize enrollment in health coverage options.

About the Study

The Mathematica Policy Research team conducted two rounds of interviews with Enroll America staff and outside stakeholders in October and November 2014 and in May and July 2015.