Division of Labor Dataset

The Division of Labor Dataset examines the role of the marketplace in Qualified Health Plan (QHP) management.

This dataset is current as of August 10, 2015.

Division of Labor Dataset collects data from 30 states which rely on State Based Marketplaces (SBMs), State Partnership Marketplaces (SPMs), Supported State Based Marketplaces (SSBMs), or Federally Facilitated Marketplaces (FFMs) with state plan management. FFMs without state plan management functions, by their nature, are run wholly by the federal government. The dataset reviews a range of plan management functions and determines the roles of marketplaces, departments of insurance, and other state agencies in the Qualified Health Plan (QHP) certification process. The dataset also highlights the role CMS plays in SPM, SSBM, and FFM with state plan management states.

Included states and data sources:

  1. Arkansas (SPM)
  2. California  (SBM)
  3. Colorado (SBM)
  4. Connecticut (SBM)
  5. Delaware (SPM)
  6. District of Columbia (SBM)
  7. Hawaii (SBM)*MISSING DATA* As of summer 2015, HI is transitioning from SBM to SSBM; accurate data is not possible to collect.
  8. Idaho (SBM)
  9. Illinois (SPM)
  10. Iowa (SPM)
  11. Kansas (FFMs with State Plan Management)
  12. Kentucky (SBM)
  13. Maine (FFMs with State Plan Management)
  14. Maryland (SBM)
  15. Massachusetts (SBM)
  16. Michigan (SPM)
  17. Minnesota (SBM)
  18. Montana (FFMs with State Plan Management)
  19. Nebraska (FFMs with State Plan Management)
  20. Nevada (SSBM)
  21. New Hampshire (SPM)
  22. New Mexico (SSBM)
  23. New York (SBM)
  24. Ohio (FFMs with State Plan Management)
  25. Oregon (SSBM)
  26. Rhode Island (SBM)
  27. South Dakota (FFMs with State Plan Management)
  28. Vermont (SBM)
  29. Virginia (FFMs with State Plan Management)
  30. Washington (SBM)
  31. West Virginia (SPM)


Please cite the HIX Division of Labor Dataset as: Baker, T.; Town, R. (2014): Health Insurance Exchanges 2.0 Dataset. Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. http://www.rwjf.org/en/research/2015/09/division-of-labor-dataset.html

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