Essential Health Benefits Dataset

The Determination of Essential Health Benefits dataset captures what Essential Health Benefits (EHBs) beyond the initial ten identified by the federal government are included in a state's benchmark plan.

This dataset is current as of March 2015, and contains data about the EHB plan each state adopted for 2014.

States had some discretion in choosing their benchmark plans and the benefits within these plans can vary greatly from state to state. The Determination of Essential Health Benefits dataset contains data on a selection of EHBs offered by the states including private duty nursing, hospice care, adult dental and vision care, provisions for generic drugs, organ transplants, dialysis, emergency transport and ER services, x-rays, and infertility treatments.


Please cite the Essential Health Benefits Dataset as: Baker, T.; Town, R. (2014): Health Insurance Exchanges 2.0 Dataset. Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.


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