Marketplace Premium Changes Throughout the United States, 2014-2015

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Premiums for the lowest-cost ‘silver plans’ offered through insurance marketplaces increased 2.9 percent nationally, on average, from 2014 to 2015.


The Issue
Research is available on the change in price for the lowest-priced silver plans in 2014 and 2015 for every state and rating region in the United States, as well as in select major cities and rural areas.

Key Findings

  • Plan costs rose least in the West, with an average increase in the lowest-cost silver plan premium of just 1.4 percent.

  • Premiums in the South increased the most, with lowest-cost silver premiums increasing an average of 5.4 percent. 

  • Premiums in the 40 selected cities tend to be lower, and most grew more slowly than average premiums in their states.


The authors find that increases were generally modest, and in some cases, premiums decreased in cost.

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