Implementing the Campaign for Healthy Kids

Dates of Project: May 1, 2008 through January 31, 2014

Description: Save the Children planned and executed the Campaign for Healthy Kids to advance policies that can reduce childhood obesity in 15 states where concentrations of rural poverty and childhood obesity are high. It later expanded its campaign to other affected states.

The Campaign’s model had two broad components:

  • Building sustained capacity and achieving outcomes through authentic state-level partnerships
  • Sharing quality programming and resources through technical assistance, stakeholder meetings, trainings, grassroots organizing, and coalition building

Near the end of the grant, RWJF transitioned the coordination of its public policy advocacy campaign in obesity prevention to the America Heart Association because its extensive network of state and local offices gave RWJF further ability to expand advocacy nation wide.

Key Results

  • The Campaign:

    • Helped to build an infrastructure for childhood obesity advocacy in participating states.
    • Helped to establish state coalitions in leadership roles around childhood obesity prevention.
    • Created a clearinghouse for specialized advocacy-oriented communications and data resources.

“Joint use was a very palatable way of bringing a lot of Southern states in. You could get politicians on both sides on board, you could get coalitions around it, and if you could get wins that built momentum.”—Tara Gill, Save the Children