To Improve Health and Health Care, Volume XVI

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Anthology
RWJF Anthology: To Improve Health and Health Care XVI

The theme of this Anthology is discovery—discovery of new ideas and innovations; discovery of approaches to solve seemingly intractable social problems; discovery of ways to transform a routine city hotline into one serving a new group of needy individuals.

This volume of To Improve Health and Health Care begins with a chapter that explains how the Foundation finds ideas. That is followed by three chapters on the Pioneer Portfolio. One describes the Pioneer team’s approach to seeking out innovators, the second and third chapters highlight new ways to solve problems that the pioneer team discovered and the Foundation funded—sharing physicians’ notes with patients through the OpenNotes program, and using video games to promote health. The next five chapters examine how the Foundation has been addressing one of the nation’s most important health issues, the epidemic of childhood obesity.

These chapters present the Foundation’s approach to reducing childhood obesity, look at the policy research generated by Foundation grantees, describe Foundation-funded efforts to enhance the built environment, and examine programs to improve nutrition in the nation’s schools (the Healthy Schools program) and to combat childhood obesity at the community level (the Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities program).