Open Enrollment Year 2

A patient pays a receptionist at a doctors office.

Uninsured, Spanish dominant Hispanics recognize and appreciate the value of health insurance, but need more information about their coverage options and prefer in-person help to enroll.

The Issue:

Knowing Hispanics have the highest rate of uninsurance in the country, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation sponsored national message research, conducted by Bendixen & Amandi International and GMMB, to inform strategies that can drive enrollment specifically among this audience during the upcoming open enrollment period.  

The study was comprised of focus groups in Miami and Dallas, and a national telephone survey of Spanish-dominant, uninsured Hispanic adults who are eligible for coverage through Health Insurance Marketplaces.

The research found that Spanish speakers seek information not only in traditional media outlets but also within their own social circles—making peer and community networks very important for influencing behavior. Many Spanish speakers respond well to personal interactions and report a desire to enroll in health insurance with help—either in person or via telephone.

The research found that among uninsured Spanish speakers:

Key Findings

  • 94% believe that it is important to have health insurance, including 67% who say it is very important

  • 91% have limited knowledge on how to go about getting health insurance

  • 36% cite cost as the main reason they do not have health insurance; other reasons include not knowing if they are eligible, losing a job that provided benefits or not knowing how to get health insurance

  • 66% said they’d like to get more information about health insurance plans and 69% say they are very or somewhat likely to check out coverage options through their marketplace during open enrollment


These studies found that this audience values health insurance and has a desire to check out their coverage options. However, there are significant knowledge gaps. They need information on how to enroll, including eligibility criteria and the availability of in-person enrollment assistance and financial help to cover premium costs.  

About the Study:

This summary report presents insights from both the focus groups and survey as well as messaging and outreach insights to effectively communicate with Hispanics during the upcoming open enrollment period. A full report of the focus groups and all survey findings is also available.