Cross-Sector Meetings Explore How to Get Consumers to Buy Healthy Food

    • September 10, 2014

Dates of Project: July 2012 through July 2014; RWJF grant February 2012 through July 2014

Description: The Convergence Center for Policy Resolution convened public health, public interest, and private-sector stakeholders to explore barriers and identify strategies to increase the demand for healthy foods.

“We really got to spend time with colleagues in other sectors. It was a genuinely shared experience, and people who were initially very guarded broke down barriers.”—Allison Karpyn, PhD, Director-Research and Evaluation, The Food Trust

Key Results

  • Participants identified over a dozen opportunities to generate increased sales of healthy foods through branding, promotions, digital media, and other innovative marketing programs. The Convergence Center intends to take action on these three ideas:

    • 21st-century campus nutritional health, a consortium of 10 to 15 campuses coming together to identify best practices, create opportunities to deliver healthy food purchases on and around campuses, and build new communications and research opportunities to advance nutritional health learning
    • Grocery retail scorecard that rates retailers’ efforts to implement point-of-purchase “nudges” to promote healthy food purchases
    • Smart receipts that provide nutrition information on the foods customers buy as well as healthy living tips

“We believe the Convergence project has honed in on the specific audiences and outlined excellent target projects that will provide very useful feedback on market-based solutions.”—Kelly D. Johnston, Vice President-Government Affairs, Campbell Soup Company

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#ConvergenceCenter meetings ID marketing strategies to increase consumer demand for healthier foods.