Considerations for State Development of Performance Measure Sets

As states play a more active role in health care delivery system and payment reform, Medicaid programs have joined other public and private sector purchasers in measuring performance as part of value-based purchasing initiatives.

The Issue: While essential to value-based purchasing, performance measurement can create a significant administrative burden for providers. This burden can grow significantly when individual payers (e.g., insurers, managed care plans, and third-party administrators) utilize different measures. There is a growing interest by Medicaid programs and other payers in developing common measure sets to reduce administrative burden on providers and send a common message to them about performance accountability.

This guide provides an overview of the steps states should take in developing a performance measure set—either on their own or in partnership with others—identifies critical considerations, and offers guidance in selecting measures.

Key Initial Steps in Developing a Performance Measure Set:

  1. Whose performance is being mesured?
  2. What is the purpose of measuring performance?
  3. Is measurement specific to a state program or part of a multipayer initiative?
  4. How often will measurement occur?
  5. Who participates in the process and how are decisions made?

Conclusion: In developing a performance measurement initiative, the state should consider how measurement can evolve over time. While there may be short-term limitations to the depth and breadth of measures that can be implemented, the consideration of a broader array of measures gives states a pathway for expanding their measurement set and increasing their options for incentives.


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