Shifting Hospitals From Health Care Spending to Disease Prevention

Dates of Project: August 1, 2012–October 31, 2013

With nonprofit hospitals required to place increased emphasis on community benefits under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Stakeholder Health formed a learning collaborative of health systems to explore ways to shift charity care dollars to proactive investments in neighborhoods and in community-wide disease-prevention efforts.

“The intersection of faith and health is where you can really improve community health.”—Teresa Cutts, PhD, project director

Key Results

  • Stakeholder Health:

    • Held three “field site learnings,” including a summit at the Department of Health and Health Services, Washington
    • Produced a monograph detailing project goals and philosophy and case studies; the report contains recommendations for other health systems seeking to expand their community benefits.
      • Designate a senior executive leader for community health who reports directly to the CEO
      • Develop, monitor, and report community health metrics that support the health system’s strategic goals
      • Use automated software to collect, track, and report community benefit information
      • Set a system-wide community benefit goal that exceeds federal requirements to serve the community
    • Started a webinar series and blog and developed a project website.

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