Reducing the Harmful Effects of Alcohol and Drug Use by Nondependent Users

    • July 8, 2014

Dates of Project: July 1993 through June 1997

Description: Contrary to common opinion, more than half of all alcohol-related community problems are accounted for by nondependent users, who represent a much larger group than dependent users.

The city of Escondido partnered with Escondido Community Health Center, Palomar Medical Center, and the Escondido Police Department to integrate common, standard, and routine preventive screening and brief intervention services for nondependent alcohol and drug users. For dependent users, program staff also provided referrals for treatment.

Key Results

  • The team designed, developed, and implemented a model—called the screening and behavioral intervention model—to provide preventive screening, brief intervention, and referral services to nondependent and dependent alcohol and drug users.

  • From April 1995 to June 1997, program staff made 45,770 screening and behavioral intervention contacts.

  • The project team exceeded the 80 percent target for delivering service components as needed, in most cases, during the last year of the project—information, advice, brief interventions, supportive interventions, and referrals for assistance and assessment.