Model Hospice Program for New Yorkers With End-Stage Alzheimer's

    • July 31, 2014

Dates of Project: January 1993 through November 1996

Description: The project team created the home- and hospital-based Jacob Perlow Hospice Alzheimer’s Care Program as a crucial component within the continuum of care for persons with Alzheimer’s living in New York City. The project included comprehensive services to patients and families, outreach to the community, and data collection in preparation for an evaluation.

Key Results

  • Program services included the development of a customized plan of care based on the special needs of the individual and family; medical supervision; home visits by nurses and social workers; home care assistance; access to 24-hour telephone assistance for emergencies; spiritual counseling; and occupational and physical therapy.

  • Over the three years of the program, 124 patients received care, with an average length of stay of 154 days, significantly longer than the average stay of 51 days for hospice programs in the United States.

  • Program services enabled 70 percent of these patients to die at home rather than in an institutional setting.