Marion County, Ind., Runs Child Assessment Clinic for Abused and Neglected Children

    • July 29, 2014

Dates of Project: July 1993 through June 1996

Description: In the early 1990s, only 25 percent of children in Marion County, Ind., (which includes Indianapolis) received medical care in the process of evaluation for suspected child abuse and neglect, even though these children are at high risk for multiple health problems. This project sought to close that gap through an improved referral process by which children would be seen at a Child Assessment Clinic staffed by a public health nurse liaison, a social worker, and pediatric trainees.

Key Results

  • The Child Assessment Clinic provided physical, developmental, behavioral, and psychosocial evaluation and care for maltreated children referred by Marion County Child Protection Services. Key clinic features included a public health nurse liaison, a social worker, and pediatric resident trainees.

  • Throughout the three years of the project, 3,823 children were referred to the Child Assessment Clinic. Some 2,287 were scheduled for medical evaluation and 978 were actually seen. Of those who were evaluated:

    • 53 percent had significantly abnormal exams.
    • 44 percent were immunization delayed.
    • 22 percent were anemic.
    • Only 32 screened as developmentally appropriate for their age.